Our Billing Services Department offers comprehensive payment services to all of our dedicated customers. In the Summer of 2018 we teamed up exclusively with League Apps which has been a BIG HIT with families! We strongly recommend that all families visit our FAMILY PORTAL located here

  • ONLINE PAYMENTS - This is the encouraged method of payment for all families. Too be eligible for Online Payments, families must register for a free account with our partners at League Apps. 

  • CHECK - Families may mail payment, although we strongly recommend that families choose to utilize our online billing system. We DO NOT accept cash under any circumstances. 

Specialized Payment Plans may be available throughout the season. PLEASE NOTE: there will be a $25 fee for any debit/credit card charges that do not go through due to reasons such as canceled credit card numbers, expired cards, etc. There will also be a $25 fee per month for any installments not made according to the schedule above.  If you are more than 1 installment behind in payments, your child will be suspended from any team activity until this deficit is rectified.  This includes practices, skills, tournaments, etc.

Please contact our Program Registrar Jillian Brothers via email at with any questions regarding seasonal payment.