NEXT LEVEL READY - is a four year commitment to playing collegiate basketball. We have outlined the ultimate goals for each year - including 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade. 

Throughout the year, Mass Elite will be offering various workshops to help assist student-athletes with the college recruiting process. 

*Work on your grades.
*Attend skills camp, and/or other appropriate sports camps.
*Start thinking about academic and career goals.

*Keep your grades up.
*Talk with your coaches about your ability and ambitions.
*Keep a clean academic and disciplinary record.
*Make preliminary inquiries about possible colleges.
*Take the practice PSAT test in October.
*Begin attending showcase events. 

*Talk with your school counselor about career goals and core course requirements.
*Talk with your coaches about a realistic assessment of skills.
*Take your PSAT/ACT/SAT tests.
*Refine your list of possible colleges. Know their entrance requirements.
*Start making a sports resume.
*Send letter to college coaches.
*Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center
*Participate on a College Exposure Team and/or attend Showcase Camps 

*Make sure you have satisfied all graduation and core course requirements.
*Attend college and financial aid nights.
*Final chance for ACT/SAT and SAT subject test(s), if needed.
*Narrow your college choices to the appropriate number.
*Make sure your applications and transcripts are sent to colleges.
*Make sure NCAA rules for campus visits are known.
*Have your parents send in FAFSA in early January.
*Make copies of all forms for your records.
*List pros and cons of each prospective college.
*Let the coach know when their school is no longer in the running.
*Make your college decision based on a meaningful college education, career preparation, and a satisfying athletic experience.

NLR (Next Level Ready)