Here at Mass Elite, we do all that we can to provide the best opportunity for young basketball players to compete at the local, regional, and national level. Our players are able to execute their skills at a heightened level at numerous tournaments, where they are able to improve their basketball technique and intelligence in a safe and fun setting.

We cater the opportunity for players to gain exposure to Prep School and Collegiate coaches. Our Mass Elite coaches are experienced and knowledgeable, we promote education on all aspects of the game. It is important for our coaches to cultivate a solid foundation of what it takes to play basketball at a competitive level.

Mass Elite is also very active on social media. This gives our players the opportunity to maintain a connection with their team outside of practices and tournaments. Our presence on media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter allow us to promote players and their skills to thousands of followers, which include numerous coaches and recruiters.

Our program currently consists of players (ages 8-17) from Eastern Massachusetts, Central Massachusetts and Western Massachusetts. Our mission is simply to Develop Minds, Touch Hearts, Teach Basketball and Change Lives.


Families interested in registering their son or daughter for our Club Team and/or Player Development programming should contact our admissions office via email at