2015 Inductees 

Coach Mitch Coughlin 

Coach Jay Beers 

John Roop '14 

Cesar Fulcar '14 

Mickey Lyons '14 

2017 Inductees 

Kyle Coughlin '16 

Adam Goldstein '16 

Mike Algeri '15 

Coach Brian Tobin 

Patrick Riley 

2016 Inductees 

Coach Tim Griffin 

Mike Hagopian '15 

Chris Demartinis '15 

Raymond Veguilla '15 

Brendan Bouthillette '15 

2018 Inductees 

Ryan Veguilla '17 

Mike Demartinis '17 

Tyler LeClerc '17 

Cam Shelmire '17 

Coach Jessie Inglis 

Our program is proud to recognize alumni, coaches, and supporters for outstanding contributions to our basketball family. Their commitment, achievement and sense of sportsmanship sets the standard for the young athletes who follow in their footsteps today. Members are listed below by the year they were inducted.​​