• Locations: Westford, Groton, Tyngsboro, Andover, Burlington, Reading, Lexington
  • Enrollment: 600+ participants per year, representing 70+ cities/towns from Eastern Massachusetts, Central Massachusetts and Southern NH.
  • Average team size: 10 players per team, 10 to 2 player/coach ratio
  • Coaches: 85% of coaches have some experience at the collegiate level, average coaching experience is 12+ years.
  • National Recognition: 43 National Bids since Spring 2011 season, 23 teams have participated at National Tournaments.
  • College Basketball: D1, D2 and D3 College Placements.
  • Alumni: Many of our alumni now play/have played at the collegiate level.
  • Approval Rating: Annual approval rating of 85%.​

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