​​2018 SPRING AAU Commitment Form

I, ____________________________, having been informed that I have made one of the Mass Elite AAU Basketball teams for the 2018 season, and commit to play on that team for the Mass Elite program.  Having made this commitment, I submit full payment to reserve my spot on this team. I understand that this payment is non-refundable should I decide to change my mind and not play for Mass Elite Basketball. A “Release Waiver” must be granted for student-athletes to play for another AAU sanctioned program during the the season.

We agree to the terms of this Commitment Form

_________________________________________          ____________

Player’s Signature                                                Date

_________________________________________          ____________

Player’s Parent or Guardian’s Signature        Date

________________________________________           ____________

Mail this form and full payment to the following address

Mass Elite Basketball

3 Esquire Road

Billerica MA